Church Doctrine



The Apostolic Church, USA (TACUSA) has its unique beginning similar to that of the early Jewish Christians who were dispersed throughout the Asian Minor from Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit moved upon three individual Apostolic members (who came to further their education in the United States of America) dispersed into different states in the U.S.A. to start the ministry at their different locations just about the same time. They were Brothers Gideon A. Akinlawon (now Apostle) in 1986 in Houston, Texas; Ebenezer O. Adeyinka (now Apostle) in 1989 in Paterson, New Jersey; and Timothy Olawuni (former Washington, D.C. District Apostle) in 1992. These Pastors were ordained as Apostles in 2000 by Pastor E.E. Okon, President of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Pastor S.S. Jemigbon, Vice President of The Apostolic Church, Nigeria and LAWNA Chairman.

In response to an invitation from Pastor Gideon Akinlawon to The Apostolic Church in Nigeria for the first Thanksgiving and formal inauguration of the Assembly in Houston, Texas in November 1991, fourteen (14) delegates attended: including Pastors S.S. Jemigbon, E.O. Arokodare (late), J.O. Olaninwa, J.A. Alalade, E. Isong (late); Deaconesses C. Jemigbon, E.O. Arokodare (late), Apiti (Republic of Benin); Brothers E.G. Bisong, D.P.O. Balogun (both Pastors now); Brother I.O. Olowogbade (now Deacon); Sisters A.O. Akinfenwa, A. Osinowo, and P. Omoniyi.

At the end of the Anniversary in Houston, Texas two (2) delegates, Pastors J.O. Olaninwa and J.A. Alalade traveled to New Jersey for a conference with Pastor E. O. Adeyinka, with a view of incorporating his ministry, “Rock of Ages International Fellowship” into The Apostolic Church body. Pastor Adeyinka had no objection to this union and instantly (1991) adopted The Apostolic Church, USA (TACUSA).

To distinguish our church name from many other churches with similar name, the suffix, “Glorious Vision” which has been the a.k.a. of The Apostolic Church worldwide was adopted; hence, the church is now known as “THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH GLORIOUS VISION, USA”. In December, 2006, the Lord blessed the Church with 116 acres of land in the State of Pennsylvania which shall be used as our International and General Convention Ground.[TABS_R id=356]